House hunting

The most important task in every transfer is to find accommodation that feels like a "home away from home".
  • In a thorough consultation we find out about the client's requirements and discuss the market situation.
  • An initial orientation drive through suitable residential areas allows us to create a detailed search profile and gives the opportunity to explain relevant details of the real estate market as well as familiarise the client with local peculiarities.
  • We contact all available brokers and estate agents, evaluate online and print ads and use our contact network of landlords in order to find suitable living accommodations.
  • We make a preliminary selection, taking into account the criteria established in the search profile.
  • We present these selected properties to the client in a viewing tour. We advise throughout the decision making process.
  • We conduct the contract negotiations and translate the rental contract.
  • We draft an inventory and inspection report (with photos) and organise tradespeople where necessary.
  • We cater for the transition period before the removal goods arrive by renting furniture or finding temporary furnished accommodation.