Departure services

If a client is transferred to another city, many contractual bonds must be dissolved and formalities observed. We assume the complete local management of a relocation and represent our clients in everything that can be done only after they have physically moved out, for example, in the case of renovation work and for surrendering the apartment.
  • Terminating the rental contract
  • Looking for someone to assume the lease or to buy the property
  • Organising the renovation to be done upon moving out (obtaining offers, supervising performance)
  • Organising the final cleaning
  • Drafting an inspection report
  • Reclaiming the security deposit / bank bond
  • Having the electricity / gas / water turned off
  • Cancelling maintenance agreements (e.g. heating oil)
  • Cancelling the cleaning service
  • Cancelling cable TV / notifying the public TV fee agency
  • Terminating the telephone service / mobile telephone
  • Assisting with sale of furniture
  • Ordering the bulky refuse
  • Submitting the mail forwarding form
  • De-registering at the resident registration office
  • Terminating child benefit payments
  • Withdrawing from schools and kindergartens
  • De-registering pets
  • Withdrawing from sport clubs / fitness clubs / automobile clubs
  • Cancelling the theatre, newspaper and magazine subscriptions
  • Closing bank accounts
  • Cancelling credit cards
  • Cancelling insurance policies
  • De-registering at the Motor Vehicle Department
  • Terminating motor vehicle liability and collision insurance (including confirmation of no-claims bonus)